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‘colour me well’ is a wellness calendar colouring kit designed to support cancer patients by creatively journaling their daily treatment experience. By marking off each day of completed treatment with your own design, you are giving yourself a sense of accomplishment as you move one step closer to recovery. It may sound strange, but it actually works!  There is also a heap of studies showing art as therapy has the potential to improve patient outcomes in cancer care. So by purchasing a calendar as well as showing your support you are also giving somebody a tool to assist their wellbeing.
As well as the calendars, we have a range of greeting cards with mandalas on the front and a mindfulness message inside.  Each card comes with a set of mini colouring pencils and a pencil sharpener.  You can colour in the mandala yourself and write a message to let somebody know you are thinking of them or, you can leave the mandala for them to colour in.  Another great option is to buy a pack of six for them to colour in when they want to switch off.  They might also appreciate them to use as thank you cards for all the people in their life who are supporting them.


When I had undergone radiotherapy for early stage breast cancer I knew I would need something to keep me on track during my treatment. It started with me printing off a calendar template and colouring in a small square to mark off each day. The more I did it, the more colourful my little drawings became. By the end of the treatment, I recognised how much the calendar had added to my positivity and wellbeing. Sharing it on Instagram also meant family and friends could follow my journey, and this was immensely supportive to me. This is how colour me well was born. Click here to read more of my story.

“When Sharon showed me colour me well I knew she had created something special for cancer patients. In my career treating cancer patients I noticed that most really had no specific coping mechanisms for navigating their cancer treatment. colour me well is a powerful tool that offers patients access to mindfulness, self-expression, reflection and communication in such a simple way, and research has shown that these activities lead not only to a better experience of treatment, but also to potentially better treatment outcomes.” Dr. Carol Haddad

Integrative Oncologist

Which one?

The kit has plain and creative templates suitable for adults or children. Colour me well is a great way to share the experience without having to keep talking about it. 

The kit contains:

  • A calendar template
  • Quality coloured pencils
  • Pencil sharpener

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I am an executive coach supporting people through change and growth, to achieve greater results in their career and life. I’ve always used a holistic approach and now having experienced the challenges of cancer myself, I know how it can make you question where you are at in life and what is next.


If you have gone through cancer and come out the other side looking for guidance and support in your career and life in general, please reach out to me and let's connect! In our coaching sessions I will help you to cope with the mental stresses of having cancer, conquer your fears, and give you the confidence to live your life more fully than you ever have.