10 healing benefits of Art


1. Alleviate depression

Art therapy can help foster positivity in people’s lives and is a beautiful outlet for releasing tensions and emotions.


2. Reduce stress

The creative process creates mindfulness. This helps to declutter the mind, reduce stress levels, increase calmness and clarity of focus.


3. Self expression

We all want to be heard! Indulging in art is a mindful way of expressing yourself. Being and feeling heard is central to a person’s well being and art is a great way to express ones thoughts and emotions. “The emphasis is generally first on developing and expressing images that come from inside the person, rather than those he or she sees in the outside world,” Cathy Maldiochi – The Art Therapy Sourcebook. 


4. Intuition

Intuition, also known as Mauri Ora or Chi, is the creative intuitive process that activates or strengthens a person’s life force. You can help aid your intuition through mindful art – listening to your gut – and like anything, practise and focus helps strengthen.


5. Calm the mind

Focusing on a task at hand helps centre the mind – stresses, daily tasks, to do lists and the emotional weight of dealing with illness, trauma and treatment, slips into the background. Interactive drawing therapy helps with the reflective process – finding inner thoughts and answers of subconscious.


6. Giving and receiving

There is something beautiful in the simple act of giving – and in the ability to receive. Giving and receiving is also essential to healing and manifesting joy within your life. And there is something a little more personalised when gifting art – created by you or another.


7. Preventative against cognitive decline

Art encourages mental stimulation and concentration. This is particular to people developing Alzheimer’s as it stimulates the senses, can trigger dormant memories and encourages conversation.


8. Neuroplasticity

The creative process is activating different parts of your brain and continued focus builds new neural pathways increasing cognitive ability, clarity of thought and increasing endorphins for wellbeing.


9. Strengthening life force

Surrounding yourself with beauty and inspiration feeds positivity which increases wellness and wellbeing.


10. Pleasure!

“Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.” ~John Lubbock (1834-1913), “The Pleasures of Life”