No one is more surprised than me that I’ve created a wellness calendar based on drawing. I am no Picasso! But trust me, you don’t need to be an artist to use colour me well.


Many of us have hang ups about drawing. How often have your heard someone say “I don’t have a creative bone in my body, I can’t even draw a stick figure!”? But you don’t need to have any special skill to experience the benefits of drawing in your colour me well calendar, you just need the courage to start.


Sociologist Brene Brown wrote in her book Daring Greatly “One reason that I’m confident that shame exists in schools is simply because 85 percent of the men and women we interviewed for the shame research could recall a school incident from their childhood that was so shaming that it changed how they thought of themselves as learners. What makes this even more haunting is that approximately half of those recollections were what I refer to as creativity scars. The research participants could point to a specific incident where they were told or shown that they weren’t good writers, artists, musicians, dancers, or something creative. This helps explain why the gremlins are so powerful when it comes to creativity and innovation.”


So if you feel like you can’t draw or make something beautiful with your pencils, you are not alone, but you can move through your resistance. Here are some tips:


Let colour be your guide

Don’t think about what you want to draw too much. Just look and your pencils and pull out the colours you feel drawn too. Let the colours guide you to shade and shape your drawing.


Let go of the outcome

Try to let go of any fixed idea of what you want your drawing to look like. Allow yourself to just let what happens, happen. Feel free to make a mess. Your drawing is for you, it doesn’t have to be pretty.


Create an inspiring environment

Take a moment to set yourself up before drawing. Clear your space where you will be drawing of any clutter. Choose some of your favourite music to play while you are drawing. Make some herbal tea, or your favourite beverage. Make a special moment out of your daily drawing.


Tune in to your feelings

Colour me well is all about releasing your feelings about your treatment so they can live on the page instead of inside you. Tune into how you are feeling and allow your emotions to inspire your drawing.


This is just for you

At colour me well we talk about how you can use your drawings to communicate with your friends and family and we encourage you to share with the colour me well community on Instagram, but you don’t have to! You can draw just for you. There are no rules. This is your experience, shape it to support you.


Remember to breathe

It sounds stupidly simple but when we are anxious we often hold our breath, so make sure you remember to breathe deeply and slowly when you are drawing. If you feel overwhelmed allow your breath to be your anchor. Focus on the breath filling your body and slowly being exhaled.