Christmas is that time of the year when we think a lot about other people and often our thoughts turn to gratitude about how much we have. For those people going through a cancer journey, Christmas can make it harder than it already is and they may remember past years where they had good health and which they may have taken for granted (and which we all do whilst we have it).


The Jane McGrath Foundation does amazing work and raises funds to provide breast cancer nurses throughout communities in Australia. Over 67,000 families have been supported since 2005 and they have a commitment to ensure that every family experiencing breast cancer has the support of a Breast Care Nurse.


This year as part of my giving back, I would like to provide as many wellness calendars to breast cancer patients as I can, which means I am asking you to support this great organisation. Please consider donating $40 which will cover the cost of the calendar and part postage and I will donate the rest. If you would like to take part in this initiative, please email me and I can give you further details. Thank you for reading this and please watch the video below and please share around.  Big thank you to you all. xx