We’ve all been effected with a friend or family member being diagnosed with cancer, and going through the treatment process – and all we can do at trying times in our lives is show our appreciation, affection, support and love. Here are some gifts ideas:


Games such as Monopoly Deal (a simplified card version – a quick game is a good game) is a lovely way to keep your friend or family member entertained – or 2048 that is compatible with a smartphone and easy to download from an app store.

If you enjoy reading, Goodreads is another beauty – download and check out book reviews. You can start creating a log of books that you’ve read, and if your Facebook friends are also signed on the app – you can stroll through their feed. After a while the app will start recommending authors tailored to your past interests. 

Aromatherapy gift sets

Essential oils and body washings, scrubs and moisturisers – who doesn’t love them. 


Art therapy and mindfulness leads to more positive outcomes and better wellbeing for cancer patients – and there is an abundance of research and reasons why you should invest your time in creating Art!

Gift a colourmewell calendar so your loved one can creatively bypass the days with a sense of accomplishment – or a colourmewell card that comes with a meaningful message and mindful mandala. 


A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful side light that emits negative ions, similar to being by the water that offers many therapeutic benefits such as:

  • Neutralising electromagnetic radiation (if you have gone through radiation therapy, it may be a little late, but nevertheless) 
  • Purifying the air: salt lamps are hygroscopic – they suck water vapour from the air. Salt in the air has long been seen as a health booster, and sea air has been proven to help clear the airways.
  • Increase energy levels: one of the boldest claims – but being amongst nature that is abundant in negative ions often leaves a person recharged and refreshed. A himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions that has a similar effect.
  • Ideal for evening use: the less blue coloured light you are exposed to prior to bedtime, the better you sleep. A himalayan salt lamp offers a dull, orange light that is calming and beautiful. 

Plants and flowers

Fresh, floral friends are a lovely way to brighten up a room and someones day. However, depending on the treatment and how a persons immunity is reacting – plants and flowers harbour fungal spores that can place patients at risk for infection. 

Additionally, flowers can trigger emotional distress when the plant wilts and dies. A sweet alternative if you are considering sending a friend flowers are paper or glass-blown bouquets.

Sleeping wear

It’s the active wear version designed for hospital patients – sleeping wear. There is nothing better than slipping your freshly showered body into your favourite jim jams – or pottering around in your best bib and tucker. Quirky cats or slinky slippers, only you’ll know best!