It was John Lennon who famously said ‘life happens to us while we are busy making other plans’.  It. sure. does.   Working as a career and life coach, I was totally unprepared for a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer, particularly as a) I had no symptoms and b) I had just started doing some consulting work in a cancer hospital.  What are the chances?


But one thing I know is that during tough times, there is always something we can be doing to support and nourish ourselves.  As I was about to embark on radiation after having surgery, I created a wellness calendar to mark off days of treatment and coloured in each square to mark off each day.  By the time my treatment had finished colour me well was born.


I didn’t know then that there is raft of research showing that art therapy and mindfulness leads to more positive outcomes and better wellbeing for cancer patients and it certainly helped me.


colour me well is a wellness calendar kit designed to support cancer patients to creatively journal their treatment experience.   The original kit contained a calendar template, a tin of coloured pencils & sharpener and now a journal with pen has been added.  There is an adults and children’s version and as well as the calendar kit, there are a range of greeting cards.  Each card has a unique mandala on the front to be coloured in and comes with 6 mini colouring pencils and a sharpener


My vision is to eventually be able to supply them to every cancer treatment centre around Australia and I am working on finding corporate sponsors to enable that.  In the meantime, I have been asking for sponsorship from individuals and as well as people purchasing them for friends and family, 50 calendars have been sponsored and donated by a range of people to Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse, an integrated cancer hospital.  I have an Instagram community at colour_me_well and 10% of profit donated back to cancer research.


And as for me, I am still working as a coach but finding that my time is taken up more and more with colour me well, and each day I find my vision for it getting bigger and bigger so who knows where it will end up?