There have been many studies done on the use of art therapy for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  I had no idea of this when I started my treatment, but intuitively I reached for the colouring pencils as my treatment commenced.  I can’t say what prompted me to do this.  I did have a slight dabble with mindfulness colouring books a few years back when it first came to prominence.  And although I love art and in particular, art I have gathered over the years for my home, I am no expert and I am definitely no artist!


I can remember the shame at school of everybody laughing at my efforts and the fear I had of having to do something I had no natural aptitude for.  So, what prompted me to decide to colour in a calendar to mark off each day of treatment?  Who knows?  I can only say that it helped me enormously in ways I hadn’t envisaged and when I look at the research it strongly supports the use of art therapy to improve quality of life for women having radiation treatment.  Studies also talk about increase in better wellbeing and psychological health and I can certainly relate to that.


(Link here if you want to read one of the studies) The effect of creative psychological interventions on psychological outcomes for adult cancer patients: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials